Why Are Tattoo Designs Made On Coquille Paper?
Tattoo Designs on Coquille

Why Are Tattoo Designs Made On Coquille Paper?

Tattoos last forever and it is important to put some thought into the design you want to have inked on your skin. Most tattoo artists will first create a tattoo design on coquille paper so you can review it and ask for modifications.

What Is Coquille Paper?

Coquille paper is thicker than regular paper. It is usually white and has a pebbled texture. Drawing on coquille paper is an interesting choice for a lot of artists because of the unique texture of the paper. The pebbles on the surface of the paper also help create a natural halftone when a pencil lead is used to draw on the paper.

Why Is Coquille Paper Used For Tattoo Designs?

The texture of coquille paper allows tattoo artists to create beautiful designs with halftones. This technique is similar to the way ink looks a tattoo is done. The best way to see what a tattoo design will look like once it is inked is to create this design on coquille paper. Besides, it is easy to erase and to draw again on coquille paper, which allows tattoo artists to make modifications to their sketches as needed.

Why Are Tattoo Designs Made On Coquille Paper?

Should You Have Your Tattoo Artist Create A Design On Coquille Paper?

Every tattoo artist works differently and the person you go to might prefer another medium. Coquille paper is a popular choice because this medium gives you a good idea of what the design will look like once it is inked. If the tattoo artist you go to works with a different medium, ask them to show you tattoo designs they have created along with photographs of the final results so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

Can I Create a Design On Coquille Paper Myself?

You can create your own tattoo design or at least draw a rough sketch of what you would like and bring it to a tattoo artist. Coquille paper is a good choice if you want to draw a tattoo design yourself but you should take the time to get used to drawing on this medium if you are new to it. Choose a coquille paper that is thick enough and use a lead pencil so you can easily erase and draw again. Your tattoo artist might draw over your sketch, add some elements or complete your drawing with shading.

Even though not all tattoo artists work with coquille paper, this medium is a popular choice because of its unique texture. Drawing a tattoo design on coquille paper is a good way to get an idea of what the finished product will look like. Besides, it is very easy for the artist to make modifications to the design when using a lead pencil on coquille paper. Look for an art supply store that sells this type of paper if you want to create your own tattoo designs or look for a tattoo artist who is familiar with this technique if you want to have them create a design for you.