Coquille Or Be Killed Makes Coquille Paper Popular Again
Coquille Paper

Coquille Or Be Killed Makes Coquille Paper Popular Again

Coquille paper also referred to as coquille board, has been one of the hottest supplies in the art community for a long time now. Plenty of aspiring artists have used this paper on a regular basis without even knowing its name. It has also seen a surge of popularity in the world of tattoo artists, thanks in a huge part to the publication of a book titled “Coquille or be Killed”

The book, “Coquille or be Killed”, is primarily a book of illustrations. There are 266 pages in the standard hardback edition and each page features a unique tattoo design that was created on textured coquille paper. The sketches were made by Ezra Haider and Zach Nelligan, as well as some additional tattoo artists who contributed. It’s a great book for any tattoo artists or persons aspiring to be such.

Why Go Coquille?

The real beauty of the book isn’t necessarily the availability of the artwork, but rather the attention that brings to the use of coquille paper. Coquille is a thick, textured paper that was once the primary medium for sketch work. However, in previous decades simple stock paper became commonplace because it was cheap and easy to come by.

Coquille is now returning to the spotlight and for good reason. There are numerous benefits associated with using this type of paper. Primarily, the bumpy texture of the paper makes for unique artwork. That much is made obvious by simply looking through the pictures contained in the book.

The texture of the paper plays another important role. It creates natural halftones throughout the artwork without the use of any digital editing or scanning. This saves time and creates more natural looking shades. Interestingly enough, additional halftones can be added after scanning to further improve the depth of a portrait.

Learning to draw on coquille is actually fairly easy. Most professionals consider it easier than drawing on other surfaces. The bumpy texture means that fine details aren’t easily seen and are usually avoided. The artist can leave off details, yet still, create breathtaking pieces of art in a short period of time.

There are no special tools or utensils required to use coquille board either. You can use the same drawing tools that you use on most other surfaces. It is most commonly used for standard gray sketches, but it is possible to use pastels and wet media to some degree, though it doesn’t highlight the primary benefits of the paper. The board itself is actually very inexpensive, but of course not as cheap as plain stock paper.

The manufacturing of the paper is simple enough that you can purchase a supply in bulk without needing to order a year in advance. The grain is impressed into the paper during the manufacturing process.

Whether you’ve always known about coquille board or you heard about it after reading the book, “Coquille or be Killed” it belongs in every artist’s studio. That applies to commercial artists, hobbyists, and tattoo artists alike. It’s an affordable medium that creates unique tones and textures with every drawing.