Body As A Canvas

Body Art: The Body As A Canvas

How do you experience life and interact with other people and your surroundings? You use your body as a tool. For some, they believe that their body can be used as a canvas for self-expression to show their beliefs and traditions. In this article, we BDbwill understand how the body is being used and the different types of body art.

Draw A Picture, Tell A Message

Body art can make a person’s physical traits look good just like how paintings and other form of artworks make a room more interesting and beautiful. In some cases, women deliberately have their backs tattooed so that they will have a reason to show of the skin on their back for other people to appreciate the body art. In comparison with diamond necklaces, they are also worn to enhance the beauty of whoever wears it.

Another reason why body art is being practiced is because of cultural, spiritual or political reasons. Body art is very rampant in prisons. They serve as an initiation for new inmates to be able to join a particular group. It serves as a rite of passage.

Body art can be similar to graffiti on the wall. It symbolizes what the person wearing the art believes or his/her political stand on things. In ethnic groups, body art is extensively used for ornamentation purposes. They use body art on warriors to keep track of how many battles they have won.

Body Art: The Body As A Canvas

Body Art Types

By covering the body with paint, usually makeup or paint that is water-soluble, body painting is practiced as a type of body art. It is same with painting on canvas. However, it is more difficult and tricky as the human body is perplexed with contours making it challenging to paint images and scenery.

The most popular body art are tattoos. It is a more permanent type of decoration which can be applied with the use of a needle ran electrically. Most of the time, it is used to cover a small portion of the body. The chest, back of the shoulders and upper arms are the most common locations for the body tattoos. These are relatively permanent as they are etched onto the skin.

By using beads, metals and precious stones, body piercing can be done. The most practiced body piercing among women and some men are located on the ear and are usually done to accessorize. At present time, piercing is rampant in almost all of the body parts such as the nose, the tongue, the bellybutton, the lips, the eyebrows and the nipples to name a few.

Regardless of whatever type of body art is being practiced, it is sure to entail different types of reaction among members of the society. In a sense, like with any form of art, body art is also highly subjective. Depending on the point of view of the viewer and the set of values that he or she possesses, body art can be attractive, fascinating or disturbing.